• Latest Hairstyles Add To Cart

    Latest Hairstyles

    लेटेस्ट हेअरस्टाईल्स

    100  ₹85

    New hairstyles

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  • Maitri Vyavasayikateshi Add To Cart

    Maitri Vyavasayikate...

    मैत्री व्यावसायिकतेशी

    160  ₹136

    How to develop a professional attitude in every aspect of life

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  • Maza Bharat Ujjwal Bharat Add To Cart

    Maza Bharat Ujjwal B...

    माझा भारत उज्ज्वल भारत

    150  ₹127.5

    My India : Ideas for the future is a collection of excerpts from Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s speeches...

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    Maza Motivator Mitra...

    माझा मोटिव्हेटर मित्र

    150  ₹127.5

    Motivation is very essential for success ! In this book Atul Rajoli, who is the founder of 'Born...

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  • MBA @ Vay Varsha 16 Add To Cart

    MBA @ Vay Varsha 16

    एमबीए @ वय वर्ष १६

    125  ₹106.25

    Today's teenagers are our smartest generation yet. They are tomorrow's entrepreneurs, investors, man...

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  • Mission India Add To Cart

    Mission India

    मिशन इंडिया

    100  ₹85

    Mission India : A Vision for Indian Youth has been written with the intention of challenging the Ind...

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  • Navinyapurna Badal Ghadavatana Add To Cart

    Navinyapurna Badal G...

    नाविन्यपूर्ण बदल घडवताना

    195  ₹165.75

    Success stories of 11 Indian organisations who succeeded with innovative approach

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  • Sharyat Shikshanachi Add To Cart

    Sharyat Shikshanachi

    शर्यत शिक्षणाची

    150  ₹127.5

    Education is not a small 100m race. It is a Marathon. Alongwith scoring good marks in exams, overall...

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  • Susanvad Sahakaryanshi Add To Cart

    Susanvad Sahakaryans...

    सुसंवाद सहकाऱ्यांशी

    120  ₹102

    Translation of "Business is People" a bestseller. Guides an individual to better relations with asso...

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  • Tumhihi vha Dhadadiche Udyojak Add To Cart

    Tumhihi vha Dhadadic...

    तुम्हीही व्हा धडाडीचे उद्यो...

    180  ₹153

    Guidance to be a high performance entrepreneur

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  • Udyog Tumcha…Paisa Dusryacha Add To Cart

    Udyog Tumcha…Paisa...

    उद्योग तुमचा...पैसा दुसऱ्याच...

    125  ₹106.25

    In this book well known builder Mr. Suresh Haware has discussed many beliefs and miss beliefs attach...

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  • Vyavasayatil Impressive Manners Add To Cart

    Vyavasayatil Impress...

    व्यवसायातील इम्प्रेसिव्ह म...

    180  ₹153

    The book shows us the art of creating a positive impression through the ABC of good manners: Appeara...

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  • Zep Yashoshikharakade Add To Cart

    Zep Yashoshikharakad...

    झेप यशोशिखराकडे

    195  ₹146.25

    सध्याचे युग हे तीव्र स्पर्धेचे आहे. ज...

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  • Udyog Karava Aisa ... Add To Cart

    Udyog Karava Aisa .....

    उद्योग करावा ऐसा ...

    300  ₹255

    २३ उद्योजकांशी साधलेल्या संवादातून उ...

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  • Netrutwache 10 Powerful Mantra Add To Cart

    Netrutwache 10 Power...

    नेतृत्वाचे १० पॉवरफुल मंत्र

    250  ₹225

    नेतृत्वाचे १० पॉवरफुल मंत्र

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