• Kahani Shastrakriyechi Add To Cart

    Kahani Shastrakriyec...

    कहाणी शस्त्रक्रियेची

    150  ₹127.5

    History of evolution of surgery for common man

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  • Karamat Dhagya-Doryanchi Add To Cart

    Karamat Dhagya-Dorya...

    कामात धाग्या-दोऱ्यांची

    250  ₹212.5

    This book about different types of fibres, threads and fabrics, covers topics such as weaving proces...

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  • Keval 'IT' tach Add To Cart

    Keval 'IT' tach

    केवळ 'आयटी' तच

    150  ₹127.5

    In our day to day life we often hear words like Information Technology, BPO and Call Centre. But ver...

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  • Londonnama Add To Cart



    295  ₹250.75

    Evolution of First Global City London

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  • Man Ulgadatana Add To Cart

    Man Ulgadatana

    मन उलगडताना

    200  ₹170

    Dr. Vijaya Phadnis, having more than 35 years of experience in fields of psychology and counseling, ...

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  • Manswasthya Swatach ani Kutumbach Set of 4 book Add To Cart

    Manswasthya Swatach ...

    मनस्वास्थ्य स्वतःचं आणि कुट...

    700  ₹595

    The Set of 4 Books - The detailed information about these disorders, coupled with her vast experienc...

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  • Mukkam Post America Add To Cart

    Mukkam Post America

    मुक्काम पोस्ट अमेरिका

    195  ₹165.75

    If you are planning to visit any country either for a short span or for a long stay, it is very cruc...

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  • Mulanna Ghadavatana Add To Cart

    Mulanna Ghadavatana

    मुलांना घडवताना

    150  ₹127.5

    This is one of the important book on parenting. This book offers respectful advice for ways to speak...

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  • Operation Blue Star Add To Cart

    Operation Blue Star

    ऑपरेशन ब्लू स्टार

    200  ₹170

    Operation Blue Star is one of the most controversial, hotly-debated military operations in the world...

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  • Smartpane Vha Cashless Add To Cart

    Smartpane Vha Cashle...

    स्मार्टपणे व्हा कॅशलेस

    100  ₹85

    A perfect handbook to go cashless smartly in the era of demonetisation. Smartpane Vha Cashless make...

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  • Sukhane Jaganyasathi Add To Cart

    Sukhane Jaganyasathi

    सुखाने जगण्यासाठी

    150  ₹127.5

    Renowned psychologist counselor Dr. Vijaya Phadnis tells us how to keep our mind healthy and how to ...

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  • Suruvat Eka Suruvatichi Add To Cart

    Suruvat Eka Suruvati...

    सुरुवात एका सुरुवातीची

    120  ₹102

    Success story of a person, his research and his jouney of producing electricity from non-conventiona...

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  • Tumcha Saccha Sathidar Add To Cart

    Tumcha Saccha Sathid...

    तुमचा सच्चा साथीदार

    195  ₹165.75

    In this do-it-yourself workbook that is meant as a companion volume to Tumcha Saccha Sathidar, Bagch...

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  • Yanni Ghadavala Sahasrak (1001-2000 AD) Add To Cart

    Yanni Ghadavala Saha...

    यांनी घडवलं सहस्त्रक

    495  ₹420.75

    Information of 1000 great people across the globe from 1000 AD to 2000 AD

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  • Ladha Narmadecha Add To Cart

    Ladha Narmadecha

    लढा नर्मदेचा

    350  ₹315

    लढा नर्मदेचा

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