• Officemadhe Raha Fit Add To Cart

    Officemadhe Raha Fit

    ऑफिसमध्ये रहा फिट

    125  ₹106.25

    If you have been working for a few years, you will be familier with stress, anxiety, pressure, and d...

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  • Paatanjal Yogasutre Add To Cart

    Paatanjal Yogasutre

    पतांजली योगसूत्रे

    200  ₹170

    Padmabhushana Dr. B. K. S. Iyengar is a living legend, a true Yoga Master and a great Yoga Sadhaka o...

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  • Pathdukhi Visara Add To Cart

    Pathdukhi Visara

    पाठदुखी विसरा

    100  ₹85

    A guide for care of your back and reversing back pain

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  • Sadpatal Vha, Sadpatal Raha Add To Cart

    Sadpatal Vha, Sadpat...

    सडपातळ व्हा, सडपातळ रहा

    140  ₹119

    Ways to slimming

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  • Sangopan Bal-Gopalanche Add To Cart

    Sangopan Bal-Gopalan...

    संगोपन बाल-गोपालांचे

    100  ₹85

    How to bring up children

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  • Sathinantarcha Aahar Va Aarogya Add To Cart

    Sathinantarcha Aahar...

    साठीनंतरचा आहार व आरोग्य

    100  ₹85

    It is a health guide for the people who have crossed sixty. The book gives information about the ide...

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  • Shanti Yog Add To Cart

    Shanti Yog

    शांती योग

    300  ₹255

    Yoga is very effective therapy for todays lifestyle. Geeta Iyangar, has impressively narrated the im...

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  • Sope Naisargik Upaay Add To Cart

    Sope Naisargik Upaay

    सोपे नैसर्गिक उपाय

    100  ₹85

    Easy nature remedies

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  • Striyansathi Yog Add To Cart

    Striyansathi Yog

    स्त्रियांसाठी योग

    300  ₹255

    A complete Yoga guide for women written by Guru B K S Iyengars daughter, also a Yoga Guru.

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  • Tanavmukta Jaganyasathi Add To Cart

    Tanavmukta Jaganyasa...

    तणावमुक्त जगण्यासाठी

    100  ₹85

    Guidance to live stress free

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  • Vayavar Mat Add To Cart

    Vayavar Mat

    वयावर मात

    150  ₹127.5

    Reversing Ageing. A guide to stay young

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  • Yoga Ek Kalpataru Add To Cart

    Yoga Ek Kalpataru

    योग एक कल्पतरू

    175  ₹148.75

    Theory of yoga

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  • Yoga Sarvansathi Add To Cart

    Yoga Sarvansathi

    योग सर्वांसाठी

    220  ₹187

    Learning yoga for ailments

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  • Yogdeepika Add To Cart



    390  ₹331.5

    This is a classic book on yoga. Practical and extensively illustrated it describes over 200 postures...

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  • Yogic Pranayam Add To Cart

    Yogic Pranayam

    योगिक प्राणायाम

    120  ₹102

    Detailed book on performing Pranayam. Book includes different types of Pranayam, detailed descriptio...

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