Tya Daha Varshatil Guru Datt

त्या दहा वर्षातील गुरुदत्त

Author : Satya Saran, Milind Champanerkar (सत्या सारण, मिलिंद चंपानेरकर)

ISBN : 9789382591313
Publisher : Rohan Prakashan
Published on :
Binding type : Paperback
Edition : 1
Language : Marathi
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In Ten Years with Guru Datt: Abrar Alvi's Journey , Sathya Saran looks at the tumultuous yet incredibly fecund relationship between the mercurial director and his equally talented albeit unsung writer, a partnership that evolved over a decade till Guru Dutt's tragic death in 1964. Starting his career as a driver and chaperone to Guru Dutt's producer on the sets of Baaz, Abrar soon caught the attention of the director with his sharp ear for and understanding of film dialogue.

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