Aadhyatmik Vicharatun Aanandamayi Garodarpan

अध्यात्मिक विचारातून आनंदमयी गरोदरपण

Author : Gopika Kapoor, Dr. Arun Mande (गोपिका कपूर, डॉ. अरुण मांडे)

ISBN : 9789382591092
Publisher : Rohan Prakashan
Published on :
Binding type : Paperback
Edition : 1
Language : Marathi
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Price: 100  ₹85

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In this book Gopika Kapoor gives some really important & very simple tips for healthy and happy pregnancy. On the basis of Vedanta philosophy she gives some thoughtful and spiritual guidance to the would be mothers to make a wonderful mother-child relation.

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