Aadhyatmik Vicharatun Samjutdar Palakatva

अध्यात्मिक विचारातून समजूतदार पालकत्व

Author : Gopika Kapoor, Dr. Arun Mande (गोपिका कपूर, डॉ. अरुण मांडे)

ISBN : 9789382591061
Publisher : Rohan Prakashan
Published on :
Binding type : Paperback
Edition : 1
Language : Marathi
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Price: 100  ₹85

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In this book Gopika Kapoor gives some really important and very simple tips for parenting. She has done some course in Vendanta Philosophy. On that basis she has given some spiritual ways for raising your child as a 'good human being'.

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