Mukkam Post America

मुक्काम पोस्ट अमेरिका

Author : Dr. Mohan Dravid (डॉ. मोहन द्रविड)

ISBN : 9789382591269
Publisher : Rohan Prakashan
Published on :
Binding type : Paperback
Edition : 1
Language : Marathi
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Price: 195  ₹165.75

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If you are planning to visit any country either for a short span or for a long stay, it is very crucial to know the important features of that country. Mr. Mohan Dravid has introduced America from this perspective. In his book he has narrated the brief history, social customs, culture, language and the day to day life of the Americans. For everone who is planning to visit America this book will be a very good friend and guide.

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