• Char Athavadyat Vajan Kami Kara Add To Cart

    Char Athavadyat Vaja...

    छार आठवड्यात वजन कमी करा

    150  ₹127.5

    Reknowned diet and nutrition specialist Namita Jain through this book gives you the right way ti red...

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  • Chote Prabhavi Arogya Salle Add To Cart

    Chote Prabhavi Arogy...

    चुटे प्रभावी आरोग्य सल्ले

    125  ₹106.25

    True health is as much a matter of mind as it is a matter of body. It is about total wellness. The a...

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  • Diet Doctor Add To Cart

    Diet Doctor

    डाएट डॉक्टर

    150  ₹127.5

    Want to learn to lose weight in a controlled, easy and scientifically sound way and keep it off? The...

    15% Discount
  • Eka Celebrity Dentistchi Battishi Add To Cart

    Eka Celebrity Dentis...

    एका सेलेब्रिटी डेंटीस्टची ब...

    200  ₹170

    Eka Celebrity Dentist chi Battishi, written by renowned dentist Dr. Sandesh Mayekar, tells the stor...

    15% Discount
  • Fitness Mantra Teenagerssathi Add To Cart

    Fitness Mantra Teena...

    फिटनेस मंत्रा टीनेजर्ससाठी

    150  ₹127.5

    Who doesn't want to look good? And what if you could also learn the secret to a healthy lifestyle? T...

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  • Fitness Set Add To Cart

    Fitness Set

    फिटनेस सेट

    500  ₹425

    Set of 4 fitness books

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  • Garbhavati va Balantininsathi Poshak Pakakruti Add To Cart

    Garbhavati va Balant...

    गर्भवती व बाळंतीणींसाठी पोष...

    100  ₹85

    Perfect cookbook for Pregnant women and Nursing mothers. Book consists of information about the food...

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  • Gunakari Aahar Add To Cart

    Gunakari Aahar

    गुणकारी आहार

    100  ₹85

    Healthy Diet

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  • Heart Attack Ani  Sukhi Samruddha Jeevan Add To Cart

    Heart Attack Ani Su...

    हार्ट अॅटक आणि सुखी समृद्ध ज...

    100  ₹85

    Guidance to avoid heart attack and live healthyly with it.

    15% Discount
  • Hruday Swasthya Add To Cart

    Hruday Swasthya

    हृदय स्वास्थ्य

    150  ₹127.5

    Information about heart, its care and recipes to stay fit

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  • Kamsatya Add To Cart



    100  ₹85

    Information about sex, methods of satisfaction

    15% Discount
  • Madhumeh Ani Sukhi Samruddha Jeevan Add To Cart

    Madhumeh Ani Sukhi S...

    मधुमेह आणि सुखी समृद्ध जीवन

    100  ₹85

    Living healthyly with Diabetes

    15% Discount
  • Madhumehi Khushit Add To Cart

    Madhumehi Khushit

    मधुमेही खुशीत

    300  ₹255

    Pradeep Talwalkar has been practising diabetology for three decades now. In this book he has covered...

    15% Discount
  • Migraine Ani Dokedukhi Add To Cart

    Migraine Ani Dokeduk...

    मायग्रेन आणि डोकेदुखी

    120  ₹102

    Guidance to live with Migraine and Headaches

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  • Naisargik Upayane Madhumehavar Niyantran Add To Cart

    Naisargik Upayane Ma...

    नैसर्गिक उपायाने मधुमेहावर ...

    100  ₹85

    Controlling diabetes nature way

    15% Discount